Focus on enhancing patient care and growing your census.

TAIO Home Health Outsourcing is an end-to-end service driven by quality and compliance. It’s designed to lift the weight of your administrative burden. Get your focus back on what you do best—creating remarkable patient experiences.

Home health outsourcing in the Philippines
Hire skilled medical resources quickly home health outsourcing in the philippines

Hire skilled medical resources quickly.

Leverage TAIO’s network of skilled medical professionals. Skill scarcity leading to constant sourcing, re-training, and attrition will be problems of the past. Experience the relief of having an abundance of talent to scale your agency. 

Reduce your operational costs.

Build your administration team at a fraction of onshore rates. Eliminate infrastructure spend on recruitment, payroll, and real estate. Funnel new-found savings into growth projects and improving patient care.

TAIO home health outsourcing
Exceed onshore quality with TAIO home health BPO in the Philippines

Exceed onshore quality.

Each member of your TAIO team will undergo certification. All processes are mapped, so team members understand how their role affects other roles, as well as the overall patient experience. Through QA and coaching, we ensure our service is quick, accurate and patient-centric.

Build HIPAA compliant service teams.

Build HIPAA compliant service teams
AI-powered medical professionals home healthcare outsourcing in the philippines

AI-powered medical professionals.

Whether it’s AI, machine learning, or automation, TAIO is always looking for ways to improve through technology. However, we do this with privacy and compliance in mind. Our end goal is to surround your team with technology to improve speed, cost and accuracy. 

Home health outsourcing services we provide.

Patient Intake outsource

Patient Intake

Ensure EMR info is complete and accurate, so patients get the right treatment.

medical coding outsource

Medical Coding

Extract error-free medical codes from charts to avoid hitches in your revenue cycle.

medical billing outsource


Process billing and resolve concerns for timely payment and collection.

QA outsource home health

Quality Assurance

Comply with government regulations. Deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Authorization home health outsourcing


Scan records for proper insurance coverage. Avoid delays in reimbursement.

Patient Support outsource

Patient Support

Improved your patient outcomes with quality care and support at home.

Clinician Recruitment

Clinician Recruitment

Find and hire the qualified clinicians ahead of your competition.

patient aftercare support

Patient After Care

Follow-up on patients’ well-being. Support their concerns even after care is delivered.

medical transcriptionist outsourcing

Medical Transcription

Turn dictations into accurate medical records for billing and documentation.

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Enabling our client's patient census to grow 500% in just 18 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are TAIO's Home Health Outsourcing teams HIPAA compliant?

Yes, TAIO Home Health Teams are 100% HIPAA Compliant. We make sure we have the appropriate policies, safeguards and protocol in place. All staff are trained and certified. Work environments are controlled and secured. Our Compliance Department audits our teams regularly to ensure that we are always compliant.

What Home Health Outsourcing services do you offer?

TAIO offers an end-to-end Home Health Administration solution. Here are some of the services we provide:


  • Intake
  • Authorization
  • Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Patient Support
  • Patient After-care
  • Medical Coding
  • Billing
  • QA 
  • Clinician Recruitment
  • Medical Transcription
  • Many more…
Will your staff be able to communicate well in English?

Yes. All staff are sourced to your desired level of English fluency. They undergo several internal interview and assessment steps before their final interview with someone from your team.


After each batch of candidates is presented, we work with your team to iterate of the requirements and candidate profiles to make sure that we are always improving on the talent we are sourcing for your company.

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