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Reduce Costs.
Increase Performance.

Bring costs down by up to 60% with your offshore team. Enjoy access to our network of best-in-class global talent. Benefit from recruitment, training and management systems that we’ve developed over 20 years in the industry. 

Enjoy Uninterrupted Service

Arm yourself a team that can work anywhere. Enjoy flexible work environments where your team members will thrive. Have the ability to shift between remote, onsite and hybrid work setups at a moments notice. Maintain business continuity amidst even the most uncertain conditions. 

Outsourcing in the Philippines

Secure Customer Data

Tailor your team’s work environment to the levels of security a you require. Restrict access to and monitor physical and virtual spaces. Encrypt digital connections end-to-end. Train and manage your team to comply with all prescribed security standards.

Need certified environments? Ask us how.

Exceed Your Team's Potential

Invest in the personal and professional growth of your team. At TAiO Connect, we coach your team members to understand where they are, and where they want to be. As we guide them through that journey they become:

  • Critical thinkers
  • Self starters
  • Well Rounded
  • Adaptive
  • Impactful

Through our culture of coaching and empowerment, your team will be comprised of future leaders in the industry.

Remove Growth Roadblocks

Repetitive, non-core processes bloat your org chart and stifle growth. Capture these processes and build systems around them. Hire and train the right team to do them for you. Use key metrics to monitor performance.

Keep your organization lean. Focus on business growth.

Outsource Your Supporting Tasks

Customer Service

Turn each customer’s concern into a success story they can share.

Virtual Assistants

Bespoke assistance just the way you want it, when you need it.

Social Media Support

Meet your customer’s concerns on the channels they love to chat on.

Subscription Support

Grow your member base through problem solving and prevention.

E-commerce Support

Manage order, billing, delivery and everything in between.

Outbound Sales

Build a highly productive telesales team that consistently meets targets.

Appointment Setting

Turn your leads into appointments with little to no time wasted.

Content Moderation

Maintain a safe community by filtering out harmful content.

Tech Support

Keep your system of apps, robots and humans doing what they do.

Can’t find the service your looking for? Contact us.

Let's Craft Your Success Story

Dive deep into your company’s needs

Determine key metrics

Optimize processes

Build teams
fit for success

Monitor performance

Develop a culture of coaching and growth

Measure, iterate and improve

Build Your Support Team

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